Criminal Law

'actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea' - 'the act does not make a man guilty of a crime unless his mind be also guilty'

Auckland barrister Tony Beach represents both legally aided clients as well as private clients.  His criminal cases have included:


Property offences: 

These include, for example, burglary, theft, receiving or obtaining
by deception charges.  The maximum penalties can range from 3 months imprisonment for theft up to $500 to seven years imprisonment for theft over $1000.

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Violence offences:

For example, male assaults female or common assault, possession of offensive weapons.  Domestic violence plays a significant role in criminal justice statistics - there are reported to be about 180,000 police callouts a year in New Zealand relating to domestic violence incidents.

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Drugs charges:

Possession of drugs or utensils, such as a pipe, under the Misuse of Drugs Act.  Penalties for drugs possession continue to be revisited by the courts - cannabis possession (and in some cases cultivation) can result in a fine; supply of Class A drugs attracts a life sentence as a maximum sentence.


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Criminal Law cases