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Tony Beach, Auckland Barrister specialist in criminal & traffic law

Tony Beach has represented hundreds of clients in Courts throughout New Zealand. He knows that to achieve results requires hard work and perseverance, whether it’s a criminal or traffic case. If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence or you’re being prosecuted for a traffic offence – then you need to talk to barrister Tony Beach in the first instance.

Tony Beach - Barrister & Defence Lawyer -   About Tony Beach

Tony Beach - Barrister & Defence Lawyer - About Tony Beach

With offices located in the centre of Auckland, just off Queen Street, Auckland barrister Tony Beach regularly advocates for clients in Waitakere, Auckland, North Shore and Manukau District Courts, as well as the High Court.

Auckland defence lawyer Tony Beach will defend your rights and give you advice in a timely way, demystifying the legal process. 

Tony Beach has dedicated himself to litigation since he was admitted to the Bar in 2000.   Tony welcomes the opportunity to talk to you about your case.

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Am I required to answer questions?

You are only required to provide your name, address and date of birth to the police……..any further question no matter how simple or straightforward the question may have a huge negative impact further down the track. Your answers will be used against you not for you. Ask to speak to a lawyer immediately and remain silent.

If I co-operate, will I be less likely to be charged?

Wrong. The police are after evidence. Co-operation means there will be more to be used against you. Stop. Speak to a lawyer immediately.

I have nothing to hide – should I answer questions or give a DNA sample?

Wrong. The police may see it differently. They might see you as a possible suspect. Remember, innocent people do get convicted. Better to play it safe, remain silent, answer no questions, give no samples and call a lawyer immediately.


Tony Beach has represented hundreds of clients in Courts throughout New Zealand.   For all types of criminal charges talk to barrister Tony Beach. 

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Traffic offences, loss of drivers licence, drunk or drug driving conviction appeals.   Make sure you are properly represented , talk to traffic law specialist Tony Beach. 

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Under your guidance, my previous concerns around what was happening in the court system, my representation, and simply feeling like I was not being heard were dispelled. At all times you were upfront about my responsibilities to assist in the court processes and the possible likely outcomes so at no time was I under false illusion as to what might eventuate. Thank you again for listening to me. You were my voice in the courtroom and I was confident of being represented fully.”
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